To support and promote enterprises globally, offering a platform for networking, advocacy, and expert guidance to help businesses thrive.

GAFI provides consultation, documentation assistance, and a range of digital services tailored to facilitate the establishment of foreign business entities.

GAFI hosts a variety of programs, seminars, and webinars, fostering a collaborative environment for private enterprises, the public sector, and government bodies.

GAFI values transparency, open communication, and has a steadfast commitment to excellence, ensuring a trustworthy and supportive platform for its members.

GAFI’s unique 3C approach (Catalyst, Convener, Champion) toward business growth, leadership convergence, and community strengthening sets it apart.

Various businesses, including MNCs, banks, public/private companies, partnership and proprietorship firms, and professionals from recognized sectors can join.

GAFI assists in identifying relevant tender opportunities, preparing tender documents, and developing winning bid strategies.

GAFI provides market insights and competitor analysis to help businesses understand the market dynamics and improve their tender bids.

Interested entities can download the membership form from the GAFI website, fill it out, and submit it as directed.

GAFI offers guidance on contract negotiation and project execution after winning a tender, ensuring successful project completion.

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