Business Advocacy

Business Advocacy and Representation

GAFI Chamber of Commerce acts as a strong advocate for foreign businesses, representing their interests at local, national, and international levels.

Market Entry and Expansion Support

GAFI Chamber of Commerce provides comprehensive support to foreign businesses looking to enter or expand within the local market.
Capacity Building

Capacity Building and Networking

GAFI Chamber of Commerce offers training, workshops, and seminars to enhance the capabilities of foreign businesses operating in the region.

What’s New on Indian Foreign Trade Policy?

The Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) 2023 has introduced provisions for merchanting trade. This allows Indian companies to act as intermediaries between buyers and sellers in different countries, without the goods physically passing through India. This is expected to boost India’s trade volumes and position it as a global trading hub.

The FTP 2023 recognizes the growing importance of e-commerce exports and has introduced a number of measures to promote them. These include extending all FTP benefits to e-commerce exports, increasing the value limit for exports through couriers to INR 1,000,000 per consignment, and promoting e-commerce through postal routes.

The FTP 2023 emphasizes the need for collaboration between the government, exporters, states, districts, and Indian Missions to promote exports. This is expected to lead to a more coordinated and effective approach to export promotion.

GAFI Chamber of Commerce is Thrilled to Announce that We Signed an MOU with Kezad Group, Abu Dhabi!

KEZAD Group is the UAE’s largest operator of fully integrated economic zones, business services, staff accommodation and industrial real estate solutions.

Here’s Kezad’s Edge:

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Latest Announcements, Newsletters, Press Releases & Publications
  • India-UAE non-oil trade target of USD 100 billion by 2030 ambitious, but achievable: CII President
  • Maersk issues warning on prolonged Red Sea disruptions, supply chain challenges
  • India has successfully delivered...": Piyush Goyal says protection for Indian farmers, fishermen ensured at WTO MC 13
  • WTO meeting: India objects to agri timelines in draft text for permanent solution
  • Red Sea crisis: Indian companies take steps to offset supply chain impact
  • India says Red Sea attacks add urgency to Middle East trade route: Source
  • Vietnam imports husked brown rice from India for re-exports, sources say

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At GAFI Chamber of Commerce, we're not just an association; we're the architects of opportunity, the guardians of enterprise, and the champions of business.

Join us at the GAFI Chamber of Commerce and embark on a journey where your business aspirations become reality. Discover unparalleled support, endless opportunities, and a community that believes in your success.

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We Empower Businesses and Nurture Innovation for Global Economic Prosperity

Take a look at our end-to-end services suite for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to create a foreign business identity.

Foreign Trade and Promotion

Foreign Trade & Promotion

GAFI conducts in-depth market research to identify potential foreign

Visa Application

Visa Recommendations

GAFI assesses your travel or immigration requirements and recommends

Consultancy and Legalization

Consultancy & Legalization Service

GAFI provides access to legal experts who offer advice

Investment Matchmaking

Investment Matchmaking

GAFI connects you with a network of potential investors,

Tender Information

Tender Information

GAFI helps you identify relevant tender opportunities that align

Market Research

Market Research

Investment Planning Working with thousands of business companies around


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Creating a Business with Authentic Integrity

At GAFI Chamber of Commerce, we stand as a steadfast pillar of support. Our commitment is unwavering, and our standards are uncompromising.


At GAFI Chamber of Commerce, our mission is clear: We are committed to bolstering, nurturing, and propelling our members' and nation's economic prosperity. We strive to forge India into a formidable economic powerhouse.


GAFI Chamber of Commerce embodies the essence of a 3C Chamber, channelling all its efforts and resources towards being a CATALYST for business growth, a CONVENER of leaders and influencers, and a champion for a stronger business community.

How We Helped Many Businesses Create a Remarkable Foreign Business Entity

Businesses are built on a strong commitment to excellence with strategic planning and methods.

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Join GAFI and open doors to easy business success! We guide you, connect you worldwide, defend your interests, and bring fresh, smart ideas, making sure your business not only grows but leads on an international stage. We're your loyal partner, smoothing the way for your business to shine brightly and grow steadily around the world.


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"Embarking on our international journey with GAFI was transformative. Their expert guidance and strategic interventions converted distant opportunities into tangible successes, crafting a smooth path in our global expansion."

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