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Welcome to the GAFI Chamber of Commerce

At GAFI Chamber of Commerce, we're not just an association; we're the architects of opportunity, the guardians of enterprise, and the champions of business. We're a dynamic, non-government, non-profit organization dedicated to empowering businesses and entrepreneurs. Our mission is clear: to support, promote, enhance, and safeguard the interests of enterprises across the globe.

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Your Business Advocate

Think of us as your trusted advisors, mentors, and biggest supporters. We provide a wealth of information and consulting services to help you realize your business dreams. Our team comprises top-notch professionals, financial experts, and seasoned business consultants from around the world, all working tirelessly to represent your needs and interests in the private sector.

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Connecting Worlds, Building Opportunities

We believe in the power of collaboration. Our chamber hosts a diverse range of programs, seminars, and webinars, acting as a vital bridge between private enterprises, the public sector, and government bodies. We unite business communities from various corners of the globe, fostering a collaborative spirit under our roof. GAFI plays a pivotal role in fortifying the Indian economy, bringing in delegations, decision-makers, and global representatives to the table, all with the aim of meeting investors and nurturing growth.

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Our Commitment to Excellence

At GAFI Chamber of Commerce, we stand as a steadfast pillar of support. Our commitment is unwavering, and our standards are uncompromising. We value transparency, open communication, and trust above all else. We're dedicated to empowering our members, fuelling innovation in their businesses, and ensuring they thrive.

Join us at the GAFI Chamber of Commerce and embark on a journey where your business aspirations become reality. Discover unparalleled support, endless opportunities, and a community that believes in your success.

GAFI Chamber of Commerce: Navigating Business, Building Futures.

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About Us


Our commitment is unwavering, and our standards are uncompromising.

Expert Guidance

Access top-notch professionals and financial experts for business success.

Global Networking

Connect with diverse business communities worldwide, fostering growth opportunities.


We champion your business interests and navigate regulatory landscapes on your behalf.


GAFI upholds the highest standards of trust, communication, and ethical business practices

Innovation Catalyst

Fuel your business with innovative ideas and strategies for sustainable growth.

Our Mission & Vision


At GAFI Chamber of Commerce, our mission is clear: We are committed to bolstering, nurturing, and propelling the economic prosperity of our members and our nation. We strive to forge India into a formidable economic powerhouse.


GAFI Chamber of Commerce embodies the essence of a 3C Chamber, channeling all its efforts and resources towards.                            

A CATALYST for Business Growth

We stand as the driving force behind economic expansion, facilitating new opportunities and nurturing business growth. We're dedicated to enhancing skills and knowledge, forging a brighter, borderless future.

A CONVENER of Leaders and Influencers

We're at the forefront of fostering national and international trade and industry, creating invaluable connections among leaders and influencers.


A CHAMPION for a Stronger Community

We envision a harmonious, multicultural community where creativity and innovation thrive, fostering unity and progress in the world of Trade and Commerce.

Our Expertise & Skills to All Business

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Our Expertise & Skills to All Business

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Our Team Member

Our Expertise Will Help You

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Marketing Specialist

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It Specialist

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"Embarking on our international journey with GAFI was transformative. Their expert guidance and strategic interventions converted distant opportunities into tangible successes, crafting a smooth path in our global expansion."

GAFI Chamber of Commerce
GAFI Chamber of Commerce
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