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Message from the President’s Desk

Welcome to the GAFI Chamber of Commerce, a place full of opportunities, business activities, and endless possibilities.

As the president of this respected chamber, I am honoured to lead a lively group of business people and companies ready to make big moves in the world economy. Our goal at GAFI is clear: to strongly support, boost, and look after the interests of businesses, helping them reach out to the world stage.

We see ourselves as creators of opportunities, dreaming of a world where businesses go beyond borders, creating a space for new ideas, working together, and growing sustainably. Our wide range of services, from expert advice to connecting with people globally, is carefully crafted to help you through the tricky world of business, making sure your ventures do well.

At GAFI, we value honesty, trust, and a strong dedication to doing well. Join us, and let's start an exciting journey where your business dreams come to life, lighting up a brighter and limitless future.

Mohd. Arshad Khan


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