Director’s Message

Message from the Director’s Desk

At the GAFI Chamber of Commerce, every day is about doing our best to open up new opportunities for our members.

As a director, my main aim is to make sure our chamber continues to be a good place for improving business skills, working together with people worldwide, and pushing for a better business setting. When we all work together, we can do big things, and at GAFI, we use this teamwork to bring about a time of financial growth. Our spirit of being a Helper, Gatherer, and Supporter shows in everything we do, tying us together in a common goal of a thriving financial future.

The road to achieving steady business growth has its tough spots, but with GAFI by your side, the journey is sure to be worthwhile. I am excited to see the amazing paths to success our members will take with the help and support of GAFI.

Shyam Sunder Handa


Message from the Director’s Desk

Greetings! As a director at the GAFI Chamber of Commerce, I am really excited to be part of a place that shines as a hub of business activity, new ideas, and honesty.

Our chamber is more than just an organization; it’s a strong platform where dreams turn into reality with the help of experienced professionals and connections around the world. Our main belief is about helping businesses, whether through helpful talks, supporting their causes, or making connections with people in other countries. Everything we do is aimed at helping businesses grow and building a community of forward-looking business people.

The team spirit that flows through GAFI is our strong point, connecting different business worlds and bringing together ideas that lead to success. I invite you to make the most of the many opportunities GAFI offers, and together, let's shape a thriving business scene full of new ideas and success.

Ahmed Rafiq Mustafa


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